Who we are?

We are a fully international student organization operating at the Warsaw School of Economics, working hard to revolutionize the Polish student startup scene.

What do we do?

As SKN SGH Ventures we are organizing the Students Startup Incubator – a program that will let you develop your entrepreneurial skills, become a part of a nationwide community of people with a passion for venture building and set up your own startup.

Who are we looking for?

Our project is targeted at students passionate about turning their ideas into successful businesses who are enrolled at any university in Poland. Your year or field of study do not matter, but your team should consist of at least one person with a current student status. The more diverse the educational and professional background of your team is, the better.

When and where can you apply?

The application form will be available from 13/01/2021 to 28/02/2021 at sghventures.com. In case of a high number of applicants, there will be online interviews held prior to the start of the Program.

What will happen during the Program?

During the Program, you will take part in workshops providing you with experience necessary for the Demo Day, when you will present your business idea to a panel of investors. You will be able to track your progress thanks to the Development Plan and count on the support of your assigned Mentor during online mentoring sessions. Moreover, you will have a chance to meet with other program participants during regular online networking sessions and discuss anything connected with your progress.

Prior to the Demo Day you will take part in its simulation and get all the tips that will leave you prepared to achieve success during the final event.

What are the workshops about?

  • Lean startup making
  • Customer development
  • Business environment and doing the research
  • Business case calculation
  • Lean Canvas
  • MVP Design
  • Storytelling
  • Investor pitching

What values will the Program provide you and your team with?

You will gain an invaluable skillset related to the art of venture building, which will enable you to transform your business idea into a pitchable product vision with a full development plan. Experienced mentors will support you in finding your customers and will address any issues that you may have. In the end you will get a chance to present your idea to Poland’s top VC funds and angel investors.

Who will be your mentor?

Your mentor will be either a past incubation program organizer, a startup or venture building professional. As SKN SGH Ventures we will do our absolute best to match you based on your team’s needs and the mentor’s experience.

Who will participate in the Demo Day?

The condition to taking part in the final event is completing the Development Plan of a set format that we will provide you with and presenting your idea during the Demo Day simulation. Your Development Plan will be evaluated by your mentor and SKN SGH Ventures members, which will enable us to make a positive decision on your participation.

What will be the language of the Program?

Workshops will be held both in English, you will be able to communicate with your Mentor in a language of your choice (Polish or English).

How long will the Program last?

8 weeks.

Do you have to be physically in Warsaw to participate?

No, the workshops, mentoring session and all events connected with the Program will be held online. Organization of Demo Day depends on COVID-19 regulations in Poland.

Is there any participation fee?

No, participation in the Program is 100% free of charge.

What will happen after the Incubator Program?

Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary nationwide community of entrepreneurial students and industry professionals. We hope to maintain a long-term cooperation with all participants thanks to owning communication channels aimed to support business development and organizing alumni events.

You have any further questions?

Please, reach out to us at contact@sghventures.com. We will be glad to guide you through!

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