We will be the leading and most acclaimed academic start-up accelerator in Europe.



Our vision is for SGH students to elevate and transform their ideas into globally successful businesses in order to build a better future and improve lives around the world.


Our mission is to serve as SGH’s prime start-up accelerator. We nourish relationships with professionals across SGH collegia, venture capital investors and other business stakeholders. Thanks to this collaboration we create the best possible environment for SGH students to thrive and enable their ideas to reach new heights.


Excellence, Integrity & Professionalism

  • We have a passion for excellence in all that we do.

  • We are creative, ardent, courageous, and ferocious. 

  • We are passionate about our education, our commitments, our success and the sustainability of those.

Diversity, Support & Inclusion

  • We support our people and maintain a diverse work environment.

  • We value teamwork and cooperation.

  • We find strength in each of our relationships which enrich us and provide us with perseverance to overcome any obstacles.

Adaptability and Vitality 

  • We believe in the ingenuity of the young minds of SGH students.

  • We thrive thanks to the vitality and adaptability of the members of our team.

  • There is an inner fire, fuelled in every member of our team which comes from what we believe in, what we want to achieve, from where we come from and who we are accompanied by.